Photo of the day! #Jan15

Photo of the day: the apostlespeaks smiling.

When the situation suits you not, Try Smiling.
When you plan is not yielding the needed result, Try Smiling.
When your expectation is still delay, Try Smiling.
When people disappoint you, Try Smiling.
When the challenges is too big for you, Try Smiling.
Do you know why? When you Smile, you confuse the enemy the more.
Always remember never allow anyone,anything to take away your Smiling.


Prayers For Today! 😊 #Jan 11

Prayer for Today

Almighty God reload my life with new songs, rebrand me for excellence and greatness. Let my life be upgrade to a newer better version. Format all the errors and back up my life with your mercy and grace everyday in Jesus name. Amen

Prayer is the key to unlock the day and to lock the night.

Good morning!

#gbolahan irebami


Hello world, welcome to another beautiful day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad for being alive to witness today and do all our best to make the day a great one.

Here is my tidbit of the day Life is a given, Living is a choice.  Life is a gift to everyone, but the outcome of living a  life is made up of choices. I believe living is a series of decisions we make, and depending on our choice, must live with the result of that decision. Your choices usually determine the action, your action determine your living and your living determine the realm of success you will enjoy. Whether real or imagined, we must recognize that in some way the choices we made will change our life forever. You don’t have right over your life, but you have right over your living. Choose wisely!

As for me i choose to live a great life. The choice is your to make.

God bless you, do have a favorable day.