When it looks as if i can’t made it thus far, You wrap me in Your arm and step into my case. And everything i need You supply, You got this in control and now i know that You are ALMIGHTY GOD.
When my backs was against the wall, and it looked as if it was over for me. You made a way, and i am standing here Only because of Mercy.
Looking back on where i am come from, nothing i have done to deserve the love and care You’ve shown me.
Your grace was strong enough to pick me up from mire place and set high above.
Because You are with me, mountains move away and walls to fall. Strong holds give way, Giants bow down. Everything turn out for good in my life.
‘So I am grateful!!! And I am putting my trust in You for 2019.

God bless, see you in 2019…



Hello world, Thanks to the Almighty God for His mercy over me and you. It being awhile now, as today mark the last day in 2018, i want you to know no matter how the year has been to you be grateful to God, the people who had been there for you and the people who had hurt, betrayed you as well because they have made you stronger.

Here is my wisdom tidbit for today don’t let the darkness of the past cover the brightness of the future.

  • No matter the experience 2018 has giving you don’t loose the picture of great future.
  • No matter the failure don’t loose your dream.
  • No matter the people who leave don’t see yourself less person.
  • No matter the comfort these year brought to you don’t stop aspire for more.
  • No matter the achievement you may have obtain this year don’t stop there go further.

The future is much brighter than the past. You just have to find the light switch and the light switch is Hope for better tomorrow.. Don’t give up yet you are still relevant to life.

God bless you, do have a blissful day.

From your humble friend.

Gbolahan Irebami (apostlespeaks)