Thought of the day!!!

Thank God its friday! Be grateful for the gift of life today.

Here is my thought this Friday: Do you love to be a happy people in life then you need to Thankful always…  when you are thankful, your tank will be full of blessing.

It is well with you.


God bless you and have a happy day.





Here is my thought on this Thursday:

You can’t think above the level you are expose to in life also you can’t make happen above the level you are expose to in life, therefore it is very important to expose our life to the knowledge of God in order to think and perform better. Get acquainted to know more of God today because with God’s connection you can do amazing things.





Thank you!!!


A special thanks go to all of you for your time out to visits, likes,comments to my blog apostlespeaks. I appreciate it all, it encourages my heart to do more. And to wonderful followers wow!wow!! Thump up for you all, i am grateful to you all for following a humble me. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you official to my world of blog.

Thank you all, God bless you.

Yours apostlespeaks.




I'm part of Post A Day 2017


When things is not work the way you expected you don’t quit but only to change your strategy to get your expectations. This is story is for you…….

One day, there was a salesman standing in the front of a store with different products for sale and a signboard that read: “COME IN & PURCHASE HERE”. A creative branding man always walking by the store and observed the salesman always idle and unhappy, this faithful day he drop at the store an purchase a few items and ask the salesman why he always look unhappy everytime. The salesman explain the situation of the store to him by saying he has invest much into this store and only few people are patronize the store this make him to be worry and unhappy. The creative branding man looks around the store, thinking for a moment and ask the salesman permission to take the signboard away in other to bring another one for him. The salesman agreed, after few hour the creative branding arrived with another signboard that read :COME IN & HAVE A LOOK!!

The next day, the creative branding man returned to the store and noticed the store is full of people, the salesman is busy and smiling. The salesman recognized the creative branding man and asked what is the magic the man put in the signboard that change the sale for him ? The creative branding man responded: “I did nothing your store look perfect i only rephrase your advert, don’t you when come in and have a look… you will see what you like an purchase it. He smiled and went on his way. The salesman look to see again the new signboard `read: “COME IN & HAVE A LOOK”.

Change your strategy when something does not go your way and you’ll see it will probably be for the best. Have faith that every change is best for our lives.


God bless you and do have shining day.

I remain your humble apostlespeaks



Monday Inspiration! !


Good morning world, welcome to another day that God has made for me and you, because you are still alive show you are still in His plan.


Monday Inspiration!!! My dad usually told me little things may be little but faithfulness in these little makes it great. This words tally with the scripture that says though your beginning may be little, your end shall be great…. but i want you to know your end can’t be great until you are faithful with the little in your hand. You need to put your faith in whatever you doing, don’t be like the man given one talent that despise it and was thrown out of comfort zone.

Be contempt with whatever your talent is, nurture it, sharp it and develop it to your fullest then the great will come to you.

I see you going higher in life and i pray for you whatever your talent is the good Lord shall multiple it into great ones in Jesus name. Amen 

You are blessed, do have a fruitful day

Remain yours apostlespeaks…



Sunday Recipes


hello world, welcome to another wonderful day God has made so rejoice in it and be glad. Today recipe’s is to have faith in God, faith is the key to open the doors of impossible. Life is of impossibles and to succeed in life you need the key of faith to unlock it.

Faith is very important to your destiny, you cant please God without faith, you cant move God’s hand without faith…. so develop your faith today.


FAITH ONLY CAN BE DEVELOP BY HEARING AND HEARING THE WORD OF GOD. Make sure you are always where you can hear the word of God to develop your faith and make the word of God your companion, study it, digest it and act upon it and you will see how you will submerge mountains in your life. 

God bless you and make sure you are in God’s presence today.

Remain blessed