Monday Tidbit! #Mar11πŸ‘Œ

Monday Tidbit!

β€œNothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Get ready with right mental attitude to start a new day.

God bless you.


Thursday Inspiration! #Feb28πŸ‘Œ

Thursday Inspiration!

Why not? Focus on doing more… You will never be criticized by people who are doing more than you. You will only be criticized by people doing lesser.

Do more than what expect of you!
Do more than what you expect of yourself!
Do more than what God expect!
Then you will go far beyond your expectation.



Hello world, welcome to the second day in the new year. Blessed be the name of the Lord for His mercy endure forever, be thankful for the gift of life and live the life to glorify God.

Here is my wisdom tidbits for today if you don’t sacrifice for what you desire, what you desire will be the sacrifice.

We would all like to get something for nothing. I have to admit that i’m attracted to such a simple approach to success but never come to reality. If this is the way you think about the reality of your dream then you’ll remain in dreamland.

For your desire to come to reality, you need to sacrifice for it. One of major lesson in 2018 for me is the sacrifice level i put into my dream, vision, relationship, career was not enough to yield the ultimate achievement i really desired. The level of your sacrifice is equal proportional to what to achieve.

  • What is a Sacrifice? Is when you intentionally give up a habit in order to improve one’s life.
  • To give away something valuable to get at least a possibility to gain something else of more value.

Sacrifice is a essential ingredients for a fulfill life.
This year to get to peak of success,you must be willing to sacrifice for it.

  • Sacrifice your time for your family for happy home.
  • Sacrifice your pride for meekness to learn new things.
  • Sacrifice your wrong habit for better habit.
  • Sacrifice your comfort zone for much better life.
  • Sacrifice your slothful attitude for hard work attitude.
  • Sacrifice your procrastination for doing it now.
  • Sacrifice your resource for betterment of others.

God bless you, do have a joyful day.



Hello world, welcome to the mid-week. All thanks be to the Lord for counting us worthy to be life. Let go out and make our life count for good.

Here is my wisdom tidbit for today anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve.

The mind of man is filled with powers to be used, not to be neglected. The Maker made you a creature who can think for himself, be himself, believe in what you desires to accomplish and mightily achieve! Do less than this and you cannot possibly fulfill yourself in all your glorious humanity.

  • Believe in poverty and you will be poor.
  • Believe in wealth and you will be rich.
  • Believe in health and you will be healthy.
  • Believe in greatness and you will be great.
  • Believe in medocrity and you will be mire in life.

Remember whatsoever your mind believe that your mind can achieve.

God bless you, do have a blissful day.




Let join our hands together to 

  • Stop spreading hatred instead let spread love…
  • Stop racism instead let start  lovish.
  • stop war instead let start worship to GOD.
  • stop fighting  instead let start praying together as one.

Let us not allow our different in color, race, language, tribe etc to divide us instead let come together as one to make the world colorful.


Hello world, every morning bring fresh hope to us. Let us rise with a gratitude heart and give thanks to GOD for the gift of life. Make sure you use today very well.
Here is my wisdom tidbit for today  Until you have try, try and try again never conclude it is impossible because the word impossible really means i’m possible when i don’t quit.

There’s no reason to hold yourself back and say you can’t do something in life unless you go for it and try to do it. Until you have try,try and try again never conclude it is impossible because the word impossible really means i’m possible when i don’t quit.

Go out today with positive mind, positive action towards life then you will attract positive success.
God bless you, do have a great day..




Hello World, it is being a while now. All glory be to God Almighty for everything. It is good to be back with you all.

Here is my wisdom tidbit for today accept RESPONSIBILITY for yourself. Know that it is you who will get you where you need to go, no one else.

To get to your dreamland you need to take the driver sit of your life, if you refuse to take charge someone else will and take you to where you never dream of. Stand up now and do all that is necessary to do to accomplish your dream in life. Time wait for no one, only make use the opportunties at your disposal now.

God bless you, do have a joyful day.

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