Let join our hands together to 

  • Stop spreading hatred instead let spread love…
  • Stop racism instead let start  lovish.
  • stop war instead let start worship to GOD.
  • stop fighting  instead let start praying together as one.

Let us not allow our different in color, race, language, tribe etc to divide us instead let come together as one to make the world colorful.


  • No matter where you are from,
  • No matter the color,
  • No matter the langauge,
  • No matter the race or tribe

All we need is to embrace love in other to make the world a peaceful one.

Spread love… Share love… Give love… until the world become love.



Hello World, to be alive is a good thing and to see another day like this our GOD deserve all the praise and adoration. Let embrace the day with positive mind and do your best to make the day great one.

Here is my tidbit of the day worry gives a small thing, a big shadow concerning your future so never respond out of fear and never fear to respond with FAITH in GOD and yourself. 

Go out there and make the impossible become possible because you here to make great impact not to live in mire life.

God bless you, do have blissful day.



Photo of  a Poland player helping a Senegal player to stand up.

Major lesson – stop racism let embrace love no matter the colour, language, tribe we are one world.




So many times I’ve tried to write the story of your grace for humans;
then my eyes would fill with tears and my hands is heavy at the wonders of your works.

Compassion , love, and tender care, and patience with mankind,

Expressed profoundly who You are, Your life with ours entwined.

No selfish thoughts, no evil traits, no struggle to gain power,

For all things are in full control, each moment, each minute and each hour.

You do not ask man for advice, yet every voice You hear, not only that You understand all language at once.

Your delight comes from their praise and as their hearts draw near.

For man to view your holiness while in their sinful state,

Is far beyond their power to bear, for God, You are too great!

Yet in the midst of holiness your love still rules supreme,

The gentleness, the total power; You’re far beyond an imagination.

Yet even though these attributes are so much who You are,

You judge a nation for its works, Your eye roves near and far over everything.

For those who bless, You bless in turn, You fill their hearts with joy ,

But the oppressor knows no peace, his mind is to destroy.

Your patience and love allowed man to roam freely with their choices,

But every deed is written down; Your Word is Your decree and You exalt your Word above yourself.

When time runs out and life is o’er, You’ll call man to account;

Your judgment will be swift and sure without the mercy fount.

You are Creator, it’s your right to mold and shape the clay in your own image,

And then to judge its worthiness through what was done each day.

You call, You plead, persuading man to hear and make a the right choice,

And man will never have excuse if they have heard Your voice.

You wait patiently for every man to change their evil ways, You never withdraw goodness over earth.

You sacrificed your only beloved son in other to set us free from bondage and have life in abundance.

Many search for YOU to see, but could find they concluded You don’t exist but your works proof your real existence.

So God, I cannot view or pen the thoughts of all Your love and care, but i want to add this

You are GOD, from beginning to end, there is no place for argument You are GOD by yourself.

You own the season in your hands, out of darkness You called for light.

You don’t a man to be the GOD YOU ARE and out of your mercy You called me your own.

Far beyond my human power, but God! I’m glad You’re there! I’m glad You’re there for me! 


PASS IT ON! #Jun16

Pass It On!

If you hear a kind word spoken

Of some worthy soul you know,

It may fill his heart with sunshine

If you’d only tell him so.

If a deed, however humble,

helps you on your way to go,

Seek the one whose hand has helped you.

Seek him out and tell him so.

If your heart is touched and tender

Towards sinner, lost and low,

It might help him to do better

If you could only tell him so.

Oh, my sisters, oh, my brothers,

As o’er life’s rough path you go,

If God’s love has saved and kept you,

Do not fail to tell men so.

His love has saved and kept me, 

so i am telling the world now,

To all those who like my post thank you,

To all those who like my post and follow my blog thank you very much

you are indeed a source of encouragement that kept my blog life alive.

Don’t let it stop pass it on…



Hello World, it’s beautiful morning the sun is rising to give light to the world. Let give thank to the Lord for conting worthy to be among the living and do our best to bring light to others.

Here is my tidbit of the day you are free to think, thoughts of worry or joy and whatever you choose will attract the same kind back to you.

  • Worry attracts worry
  • postive thoughts attract positive things
  • trouble heart attracts trouble life
  • Joy attracts joy, joyful people

Choose wisely!

God bless you, do have a joyful weekend.