Dear GOD,

To YOU alone be all the glory, seeing another day proof to me i’m still in your glorious plan. I commit my ways before YOU establish your purpose in my life and let unsual favour enclose me through today in JESUS name. Amen



Dear GOD,

I give thanks to YOU for all benefits that i am enjoying everyday. YOU know my name and my needs, help me to trust YOU and help me to walk by faith not by sight in JESUS name. Amen


PASS IT ON! #Jun16

Pass It On!

If you hear a kind word spoken

Of some worthy soul you know,

It may fill his heart with sunshine

If you’d only tell him so.

If a deed, however humble,

helps you on your way to go,

Seek the one whose hand has helped you.

Seek him out and tell him so.

If your heart is touched and tender

Towards sinner, lost and low,

It might help him to do better

If you could only tell him so.

Oh, my sisters, oh, my brothers,

As o’er life’s rough path you go,

If God’s love has saved and kept you,

Do not fail to tell men so.

His love has saved and kept me, 

so i am telling the world now,

To all those who like my post thank you,

To all those who like my post and follow my blog thank you very much

you are indeed a source of encouragement that kept my blog life alive.

Don’t let it stop pass it on…



Every night is time to evaluate your day, the right decision and the wrong decision you make. The thing you do better and the things you do less, the joy you bring to others and the sadness you spread around.  My plans for the day is it well executed or not.

In conclusion, ask yourself sincerely  Are my on the right track to reach my purpose in life or not. Your answer determine the next of action but remember it is much important to walk away from every habits that can hide you from reaching your destination life.

 Think about this… good night pals,

Sweet dreams.



In everything GOD want us to give thanks whether your day go as you plan or otherwise. Many has sign out of life not because they are not good enough but there time is up you are still here, it is sign you are in His plans.




Hello World, welcome to another beautiful morning. It is GOD gift, let embrace it with grateful heart and do all that is right to earn another day.

Here is my tidbit of the day if you are willing to LEARN, no one can help you. If you are determined to LEARN, no one can stop you. The choice is your to make, be willing and determine to learn new things daily to improve your life because the moment you stop learning, you starts diminishing.

Go out with positive mind and learn a new thing today.

God bless you, do have a delightful day.



Hmm today is gradually coming to an end again. How do you spend the day? think about it… the good part and the bad part. At the end of it be postive in other to improve your good to better and your bad to good.

Remember the life in front of you is more important than the life behind you. Tomorrow is another day to make it better and better… Don’t give up on yourself yet! You are here to win and win again.

good night pal,