Live a purpose driven life! #Jun13👌

You weren’t created just to consume resources – to eat, breath and take up space. God designed you to make a difference with your life. – Rick Warren

👉 Live a purpose driven life 💯 don’t just exist or take up space in life.

Good Morning, do have a great day.


Enjoy every phase of your life! #Jun12🤷🏻

On my way out this morning, i was greeting a neighbor of mine. His respond was awful so i have to turn back and ask him, hope no problem because this is not you. You are always been a cheerful person, what is it? He sighed and said i don’t understand my life because this is not the picture of life i desire for myself. It seems like the picture of the kind life i desire is not going to be in reality soon or later.

I chuckle and said to him, You know what sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living now.

What do you mean by that? He asked,

See Life is in phases, you must learn to enjoy every phase of your life. The moment you allow your present condition to steal your joy, make you feeble in heart and lose your desire, focus, determination and zeal to progress, you have lose everything your good future hold for you. As you are down now, you have cut off the flow of fresh ideas, opportunities, helpers to come to you. Remember a river that refuse to flow become stink and a dump of rubbish. If you continue in this state of mood your life will devalue to nothing.

So learn to joy every phase of life… You are in the temporary phase of life don’t make it your permanent phase of life.

Good Morning, do have a great day.

To be a Winner! #Jun10

Everyday i hear everyone saying I am born to win! I am born to win!! But they haven’t win why because they failed to rel that it’s enough to be born to win only it require other process in other to manifest the win. So i come up with this process this morning..
👉 You were born to win but to be a WINNER.
👉 You must DESIRE to win.
👉 You must PLAN and PREPARE to win.
👉 You must WORK to win.
👉 You must DETERMINE NEVER GIVE UP to win.
👉 And EXPECT to win, then YOU CAN WIN 💯

Go with this mentality everyday in others to win.

Good Morning, have a great day.

Be patient in the process of life. 🙏 #Jun6

I was in a discussion with a friend of mine just last week, he was sharing with me what he has been going through in life it seem God hated me. If He didn’t hated me so much why did He put me in this kind of family struggling to live, He didn’t see a rich family to put me. He hated me that He permit all this challenges, troubles in my life…

I giggle for a while and said don’t ever say that, God didn’t hate you i believe He love you so much that’s why He entrust a great destiny to you. All you need to do is to be patient in the process of life because your destination determine your going through in life.

With a curiosity in his face,he said

What do you means ?

Let me explain to you few years back when i was going through a very tough times, i looked up to heaven that time and said God why me? And His respond to me that day change my orientation about my situation. 👉 He said I allow these because you are wired for greatness. How? It is your destiny that determine your going through in life. For instance a sand destiny doesn’t require a tough going through, you can find it everywhere but a gold destiny require a tough going through. That why it is not easy to find, it pass through a lot of tough processes before it become a valuable treasure that people pay heavily to have. The process may be tough, but the value you will acquire during the process will be higher demand by the world. So continue to learn all you need now, from that day i focus to be patient to learn all i need to know before greatness surface. Though i am not yet but every times i looked back now i thank God for everything that i have been through instead of break me, it has enhance me for my Destination.

Don’t underestimate God!👌 #Jun5

God saying no test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others had to face. All you need to remember is that I God will let you down; I will never let you be pushed past your limits, and I will always be.

See the size of your challenges is nothing to compared with your inbuilt abilities solve them so don’t ever overestimate your challenge and underestimate God and yourself.

God bless you,

Grace of God! #Jun4🤔

As believers, we must understand that sin no longer rules over us, His grace is more powerful than sin, we have the blessing of living under the new covenant such that it is no longer about the law but God’s grace. It is God’s expectation that we know GRACE is the power to overcome sin not a license to sin.
Stop abusing the grace of God.