Good Morning! #Apr12👌

“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”
If you desire to be happy, be grateful….
👉Be grateful for the life you have.
👉Be grateful for the life you are living.
👉Be grateful for the things you have.
👉Be grateful for the things you are yet to have.
👉Be grateful for the people around you.
👉Be grateful for the job or work you do.
👉Be grateful for the people that hurt you, they have you stronger and wiser.
👉Be grateful for the challenges you have face and still facing, it has help you discover your inner strength and ability.
👉Be grateful for the people that help you, they have make you journey faster.
👉Be grateful for the salvation of your soul, because many are still in bondage.

Always be grateful for everything! that key to be Happy.

Good Morning, do have a joyful day.

Wisdom Tidbit For Today! #Apr12🤔

Hello world, it’s a new day. Give all glory to God Almighty for counting you worthy to be alive again and do everything possible to make the day a glorious one.

Here is wisdom tidbit for today No matter the nature of your circumstances, not minding the degree of your misfortune don’t lose HOPE!
Never submit yourself to frustration, man has to undergo difficulties (like Gold) his ability must be tested. You need to face challenges in other to bring the best of you.

👉Keep on believing!
👉Keep on focusing!

👉Keep on fighting!

Life is not a one time battle but a continues battle.

God bless you.