When everything seems difficult to understand again, don’t let your hope die. Look within yourself, and you’ll find the hope to cope.
When everyone you trusted let you down, don’t let bitterness take control of your mind. Go to GOD whom is above, lay your burden at His feet in prayer.
When circumstance get tougher, don’t let weakness replace your optimistic heart keep your hope alive.
When life show you million reasons not to be great, don’t let it handicap you tell life because of this reasons i need to be great.
When life is good to you, don’t allow yourself to be stagnant. Hope for better tomorrow.

Don’t let your hope die, keep it alive because A single thread of HOPE is still a powerful thing that change everything around for good….


God bless you,


Author: apostlespeaks

I am a creative director and a founder of apostlespeaks to help others to find strength in adversity and support others in attaining their highest possible vision for their own lives. A lover of God, a pastor at God's Power Evangelical Mission lagos branch, Nigeria. As a pastor teaching and practising biblical principles of God in other to fulfill God's origin purpose in life. Love to make impact and bring the best out of others.

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