Hey guys, how is been your day? Hope you are fulfilled. Glory be to God, if He didn’t permit your fulfilment nothing you can do. Likeeise  if your day didn’t go well the way you planned don’t complain another day is coming to make it better… Complaining block your view of thanks i.e Complaining is draining… it only takes away energy from today and never solves the problems for tomorrow instead be thankful for the day then gradually the flow of ideas to make it better will come.

Good night pals, until tomorrow again i remain your inspirator.



Let join our hands together to 

  • Stop spreading hatred instead let spread love…
  • Stop racism instead let start  lovish.
  • stop war instead let start worship to GOD.
  • stop fighting  instead let start praying together as one.

Let us not allow our different in color, race, language, tribe etc to divide us instead let come together as one to make the world colorful.


Hello world, Thank God its another friday again. Be grateful and do thing worthwhile with your day.

Here is my wisdom tidbits for today Failure keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing but only faith and determination keeps you going in life.

No matter what you are experiencing now whether failure or success don’t ever lose your faith in God and the spirit of determination. This two major ingredients can spice your life anyday ,anytime i.e your faith in God and determination that why everything life is throwing at you is to discourage your believe and kills your determination to get better everyday. I have seen people with little success getting stuck with it why they allow the glowing of success to take away their faith and determination to aspire for more to die likewise failure has made people to defect from faith and determination because of shame.

Don’t agree i remember Jacob in Genesis 26:15-22. in verse 22 ‘And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the LORD hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land. What kept Jacob to continues to dig well is not that Jacob like to dig but the faith in God and the spirit of determination kept him doing so despite the troubles he encountered. What of Mr Terah, [Genesis 11:31-32] father of Abraham he allowed little success he enjoy in haran to stop his faith and the spirit of determination to go further and dead without  his real dream of Canaan land be fulfilled.

So don’t agree for success or failure to kills your faith in God and the spirit of determination in life.. always inspire to get better everyday.

God bless you, do have victory day.

From your humble friend,