In a nutshell, no matter how your day may be, whether you win or lose. Quitting is not the option to choose because i quit is not the option for a champion in the making but i will persist everyday until the champion in me become reality… that is true watchword of champion.

Tomorrow is another day to fight on.

good night pal,




Hello world, it’s a new day and a gift of God to us. Let us return in appreciation to Him for counting us worthy to be among those that have access to the gift and do our best to make it count for good.

Here is my tidbit of the day those that say your dreams are ridiculous have given up on theirs. Don’t be like them but be better than them by not giving up on own dreams. 

Each day is an opportunity to get closer to your dreams, pursue your dreams neglect the negative people with their opinion. In Life people will only give accolade to those who make their dreams reality.

God bless you, do have victory day.



Good Morning world, do you know?

You have all you need to be the best starting from where you are with what you have. Today is a day that will never come again, Make it a great one!