Hello world, it is a brand new day and a brand new you. Faithful is the Lord for His mercy endureth forever, let us give thank to the Lord in everything we do and do our best to sparkles life for good.

Here is my tidbit of the day if you path is DIFFICULT.. it means your purpose is bigger than your thoughts. You need to raise your thought higher to meet your purpose then it will easy to walk on your path. Life will offer us as the plan of creator not the way we desire it, be strong enough to face your path and don’t ever turn back or give up because you can do it that why you are giving.

Remember no path is difficult, it is our shortcoming that make us to think so. Work hard to improve yourself on each day in other to met the task.

God bless you now and always…




I’ve learnt that a smile and good morning goes a long way, and saying THANK YOU goes even further.

HAVE YOU SAY THANK YOU LORD? If not do so now.

THANK YOU LORD for the gift of life and good health grant unto me this morning. I’m grateful

Also thank you for your time to reading this words.

Good morning, make the day a beautiful one.

GOD BLESS YOU, do have a joyful day.