Proudly African Woman.

Lesson from here: Never be shy of who you are, the tribe you came from and the language you represent… is a tonic to boost your confidence.






Hello world, the sun is about to rise again it is time to give thank to God and arise to improve your life by doing something worthwhile.

Here is my tidbit of the day Do not give up!!! make your own dream into reality… that is what you are to install to life. Remember you will encounter storms but never succumb to it.

Trust GOD, Work hard and surround yourself with likeminded people.

God bless you, do have a flourishing day.





In the morning of life came a good fairy with her basket, and said: “Here are gifts. Take one, leave the others. And be wary, chose wisely; oh, choose wisely! for only one of them is valuable.”
The gifts were FIVE: Fame, Love, Wisdom, Riches, Pleasure.
The youth said, eagerly: “There is no need to consider”; and he chose Pleasure.
He went out into the world and sought out the pleasures that youth delights in. But each in its turn was short-lived and disappointing, vain and empty; and each, departing, mocked him. In the end he said: “These years I have been wasted. If I could but choose again, I would choose wisely.
The fairy appeared, and said: “Five of the gifts remain. Choose once more; and oh, remember-time is flying, and only one of them is precious.”
The man considered long, then chose Love; and did not mark the tears that rose in the fairy’s eyes.
After many, many years the man sat by a coffin, in an empty home. And he communed with himself, saying: “One by one they have gone away and left me; and now she lies here, the dearest and the last. Desolation after desolation has swept over me; for each hour of happiness the treacherous trader, Love, as sold me I have paid a thousand hours of grief. Out of my heart of hearts I curse him.”
“Choose again.” It was the fairy speaking.
“The years have taught you lessons — surely it must be so. four gifts remain. Only one of them has any worth — remember it, and choose warily.”
The man reflected long, then chose Fame; and the fairy, sighing, went her way.
Years went by and she came again, and stood behind the man where he sat solitary in the fading day, thinking. And she knew his thought:
“My name filled the world, and its praises were on every tongue, and it seemed well with me for a little while. How short lived it was ! Then came envy; then hate; then persecution. Then derision, which was the beginning of the end. And last of all came pity, which is the funeral of fame. Oh, what bitterness and misery !”
“Chose yet again.” It was the fairy’s voice.
“Three gifts remain. And do not despair. In the beginning there was but one that was precious, and it is still here.”
“Riches— which is power! How blind I was!” said the man. “Now, at last, life will be worth the living. I will spend, squander, dazzle. These mockers and despisers will crawl in the dirt before me, and I will feed my hungry heart with their envy. I will have all luxuries, all joys, all enchantments of the spirit, all contentments of the body that man holds dear. I will buy, buy, buy! respect, esteem, worship . I have lost much time, and chosen badly previously , but let that pass; I was ignorant then, and now I have taken the best.”
Three short years went by, and a day came when the man sat shivering and he was hollow-eyed, and clothed in rags.
“Curse all the world’s gifts. I miscalled, every one. They are not gifts, but merely lendings. Pleasure, Love, Fame, Riches: they are but temporary disguises for lasting realities — Pain, Grief, Shame, Poverty. The fairy said true; in all her store there was but one gift which was precious, only one that was not valueless. Bring the last gift ! I am weary, I would rest.”
The fairy came, bringing the last of the gifts, She said: “have it. It was your ignorance that makes you to suffer like this, but trusted me, if you have chose wisely by asking for wisdom. You would have access to all other gift but You did not choose for wisdom.”
“Oh, miserable me! What is left for me?” Said fairy “You have chosen to live out the insulting old age.”

so choose wisely!!!!!! wisdom is the principal things in life that attract other gifts to you and help you to manage your life well.

Seek for wisdom always….