No matter the outcome of your day whether joyful or sad, pleasant or dull, good or bad, success or failure don’t see it as you have lose or gain instead you have win or learn.. so move on.

good night pals,





Poet: I’m work in progress…

When you see me down don’t be alarmed, I’m not a concluded project;
A work in progress, just begun, no longer known as disown but take up son.
Many changes must be made, many plans to undone. Many things to be inculcated.
Efforts to reclaim the mold, are bound to often falter.
Restoration will take time, the work God’s undertaken,
The mighty Master of the clay will not leave me or forsaken no matter what.
I’m flexible and need to learn, my spirit must be willing to obey His instructons,
God will not force His choice on me, He’s lovingly instilling,
New thoughts to form within my heart, ideas that will inspire for better,
To make me more like His dear Son and give me that desire He has pre-plan for me.
That all my way fit to His will as each day dawns before me,
I find the guidance in His Word in case sin should entice me and in confusion. His mercy is my shield,
My safety lies within His love, my heart within His will; Everytime i search for wisdom from His Word.
I need to listen to His voice daily, He’s whispering, “Peace, be still”. Then i will rise again and move on.




Hello world, welcome to another new dawn. Be thankful to GOD and do your best to make the day count for the best.

Here is my tidbit of the day The good you become, the good you attract. The better you become, the better you attract. The best you become, the best you attract. Even the worse you become, the worse you attract.

Work on self from now in other to attract the best in life.

God bless you, do have a joyful day.