Hello world, it is good to be back again. Life get better when you improve yourself.

Here is my tidbit of the day ATTEMPT BIG THING! otherwise you will serve those who attempt big thing and succeed.

Yesterday after attending a glorious service, on my way home i saw a garden very beautiful and some people are there relaxing and having a nice time. I was about to continue my journey home when i saw a man who was crying profusely in the garden, i suddenly stopped and surprised by the fact that a man can cry.  Looking at his face was full regrets, even in mist of people enjoying themselves. It was obvious that the man is in bitterness of heart.

I summoned courage to move closed to the man and asked why these so much tears rolling down from chick. After awhile the man said, “ when you refused to attempt big thing, you have sign a contract to be a mire man in life. I could not understand what prompt the statement, the man saw that it seems i am confused he pionted a company in front of the garden that was my dream. And i dont get what you trying to say, he chuckle and continues by saying when i was very young my dream was to have company that produce wine. I have a strong believed i can do it, but i allowed the fear of unknown, what people said to me stop my attempt at big shot.

Today i sat here and saw another man attempt my dream and succeed in it. It is this place i saw the dreams thirty years ago and i refused to take attempt at the big thing that is the cause of cry my friend. To make the matter worse i was just employed to be a worker of the company.

I was perplexed.  He said my friend don’t be like me, in your  lifetime never allow anything to hold you bound from attempting the big thing always break free from your fears because it can make you stagnant forever.

Hmm Like the man, how many of us go through life hanging onto a wrong belief and fear that we cannot do something big, simply because we are afraid of failure? or we are afraid of what people we say? etc.

It is time to attempt the big thing! go all out now and start moving toward you big dream.

God bless you,

From your humble friend,