Today begins the 1st of March 2018, it is a new day and a new chapter in your life. Our life is like a book, Some chapters have been wtitten and others are yet to be write. Every day adds a new page to our overall journey.

As we flip through the pages of our life, we live through an array of emotions, actions, and circumstances. We have our ups and downs. We laugh, we cry, we win, we lose, we falter, and we grow strong. The question we need to ask ourselves is this.. Will my life book be powerful and compelling or will it be full of pages that didn’t have much of an impact to me or generation to come? As your story continues to unfold.

One thing is certain, The Past is the Past and the only Power we have is in the Present. If we don’t like how the story is unfolding, we can change it. We can’t rewrite life but we can start a new chapter.

The limitation many put around them is the wall of “what if” “what if”… The  “what if” syndrome is non-productive and a good waste of mental energy. What’s done is done. A critical assessment of your life can be useful as we build our future. But, spending time going backwards is simply means be stagnant. Nothing to see there. Life is a forward progression; being alive is our power to dictate over today.
It is time to Write a New Chapter in your Life? You are the main Author of your Life, Today is never going to Happen Again. Future achievements are prepared for in the present moment. Let today be the standard for your personal theme of success. Don’t let today or even one more day go by while you keep looking back with regret.
If you will ever live the way you desire in the future; you have to live in the present first. Make things happen now. There’s no control over the past but there is control over the present which leads to control of the future.
George Bernard Shaw tells us “The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.”

This is a new beginning of another chapter of your life well. Treat it that way, stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.

God bless you. happy new month


Author: apostlespeaks

I am a creative director and a founder of apostlespeaks to help others to find strength in adversity and support others in attaining their highest possible vision for their own lives. A lover of God, a pastor at God's Power Evangelical Mission lagos branch, Nigeria. As a pastor teaching and practising biblical principles of God in other to fulfill God's origin purpose in life. Love to make impact and bring the best out of others.

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