— Are you dangling in the past error or concluded it is over for you? I am here to inform you it is not over until you win… It Is Time to Recreate Your Life Story.

This words is about to read will change your perspectives about your circumstances. You are major actor of your life, you need to Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero . —it is insanity to do things the same way and expect different result. The way you have been interpreting your past has affects how you see yourself in the present and about to create your future. Hmm!

When you reflected on my past, you realized the main thing that held you back was how you mediated and told yourself your story. You felt like life had dealt you a bad hand, so you are very angry, and also deeply ashamed of the choices you’d made when you are at worst.

This combination of bitterness, self-victimization, and self-loathing always paralyzed you thinking. You couldn’t possibly do anything positive or fulfilling when you was dwelling on the past and seeing yourself, and your life, through a lens of dissatisfaction and judgment.
You needed to become the hero of your story instead of the victim.
You must let go of your shame, anger, and bitterness so you could leverage your past for something that was both personally fulfilling and useful to others.

If you’re feeling:
Angry with people who’ve wronged you.
Frustrated by opportunities you haven’t received.
Limited by obstacles that prevent you from making changes.
Discouraged by failures and setbacks.
Ashamed of yourself for mistakes you’ve made.
Disappointed in yourself for making the “wrong” choices.etc
Anxious about everything that isn’t working in your life, then that means you’re human. But you don’t need to let these feelings control or limit you. It is time to recreate your life story, beacuse it is never too late start over again.
Come to the one who can help you, today. He is the unchangeable changer, the only one that can turn nothing to something.. His name is JESUS CHRIST.
He waiting for you and ever ready to be a friend indeed for you.
Accept His friendship today then you are on way to recreate your story for better.

God bless you,

I remain your humble friend,








Author: apostlespeaks

I am a creative director and a founder of apostlespeaks to help others to find strength in adversity and support others in attaining their highest possible vision for their own lives. A lover of God, a pastor at God's Power Evangelical Mission lagos branch, Nigeria. As a pastor teaching and practising biblical principles of God in other to fulfill God's origin purpose in life. Love to make impact and bring the best out of others.

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