Tuesday night vibe


Hello world, how was your day today? Hope it was very great like mine. As the day is about to coming to an end, i just want to remember you don’t let your happiness depend on something that you may lose or temporary…  so no matter how your day may be, that doesn’t define your happiness.

Your Happiness should base in God, He never fail whomsoever that trust Him.

God bless you, do have a splendid night rest.

Love you all




Photo of the day


Snail.. snail… Snail…. one the animal that does it thing in a slow and gentle way. You can’t see snail compete with others animals, it moves at slow pace during the day (work less in day) where every other animal are in competition but more effective in the night (work hard in night) when other animals are rest.

The lesson here is this you need to be more effective in your thinking period when nobody is there with you not in your struggle during the day.

 Because the WORLD will not pay for your AGILITY (energy)but your ABILITY (expert).

Stop compete with others start developing your ability.





Thought of the day! #Aug29


Hello world, how is your day? Hope you are making it count very well.

Here is my thought for today a qoute from Napoleon Hill if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. This qoute change my orientation about life, everyone desire to be great but we don’t have equal resources needed to be great all we have is equal opportunity to be great. But most people failed to be great because of wrong mentality about greatness, they thought it require alot to be great in life. Not at all, i have realized to be great is very simple all you need is to do the small thing in a great way then you have great success. Here a story of a girl that leave her daddy in a great surprise.

A Father was reading a magazine and his little daughter every now and then distracted him. To keep her busy, he tore one page on which was printed the map of the world. He tore it into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together to make the map again.

He was sure she would take the whole day to get it done. But the little girl came back within two minutes with perfect map……When he asked how she could do it so quickly, she laughed and said, “Oh…. Dad, i do the small things in a great way. There is a man’s face on the back side of the paper….. I made the face perfect (small thing in a great way) to get the map right( the great thing).” She ran outside to play leaving the father a great surprised.

There is a way to greatness in life, always do the small thing in a great way. You will be surprised to see yourself a great person already.

God bless you, continue to enjoy your day.

I remain your humble friend,