Thought of the day! #Aug17


Good morning world, welcome to another gift of God for us, let us rejoice and glad in it.

Here is my thought for today nothing is too small to know and nothing is too big to attempt in life. Don’t ever ridicule small things in life, small thing are always use to build your confidence and strength for the big thing that is coming your way so everything is important. If you look at the life David in the bible the small thing he knew, help him to handle big thing.

For instance he was the shepherd  of the sheep in the forest (small thing) then God make the shepherd of the poeple of Isreal (big thing).

He defend the sheep when lion and the bear appeared to devour them ( small thing) later he defend the people of Isreal when goliath appeared (big thing). Don’t ever be afraid to attempt big thing in life.

Can you now see the small thing are to prepare you for the big thing ahead. Nothing is too small to know and nothing is too big to attempt in life.

a word is enough for the wise…

God bless you, do have a victory day.

I remain your humble friend,