Thought of the day! #Aug15


Good morning world, welcome to the 15th day of the month of August 2017. All glory to our Ageless God for another privilege giving us to be among the living. I will forever praise your name my Jesus and you too must join me.

Here is my thought for today Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters…… Then the question is what is truly matters? Before i tell you the answer to that i want you to know you are not here to do everything in life, you are here to do a specific few thing in life. Everyone that does everything eventually succeed at nothing but few people that engage in few things that truly matter succeed greatly. For instance let look at the life of late former president of South Africa Nelson Madela, he focused on a thing and on what truly matter the freedom of South Africa people and he achieved success at it. He became one of the best leader Africa ever have. What of Martin Luther King Jnr of America( i have a dream one day black people and white people live in peace) he focused on equal right for white and black people and the dreams came to past. Stop doing many things, focus on the thing that truly matter.

What truly matter is your purpose on earth? You are not here to add a number to the world population only you here to add value, solve, contribute to progress of the world. What is the envision in your heart? Your passion, your vision that you want to accomplish focus on it.

Remember you can not know your purpose or what is truly matter until you connected to your creator Almight God and the only way to connect is through Jesus Christ. Accept Him today and if you already accept Him, ask Him to show you your purpose and get material like books on purpose to aid your understanding.

God bless you, do have successfully day.

I remain your humble friend,