Discovery determine delivery.

Until you are able to discover who you are, you can not deliver anything to the world. Look at the life of this oldest long tennis player that won the 2017 Wimbledon Championships recently. Roger Federer the name ring bell is my favorite long tennis player, he discover who he is and deliver to the world. In his early life, he try to be different things like basketballer, badminton player etc until he discovered the real him in long tennis, he never deliver anything to the world.
What have you discover about yourself? Put in the answer yourself.  If you have discover the real you and yet to deliver it, is time for delivery. The world will only stand up for those who discover and deliver. Discovery is not enough, delivery is essential.
If you have not discover anything yet, you need to go for discovery of the real you. How? |

Everything you want to be in life, you already carry within all you need is to simply discover it and deliver it to the world- apostlespeaks

The world await your delivery, don’t disappoint your generation.




Photo of the day!


Here is the photo of day the rising of a sun. Everything in life is a lesson for us to learn from. The lesson here is this everything in life is a gradual process the sun starts shining little by little before it reach maximum limit. Why do you want magic manifestation in life? Remember whatever rapidly grows will die quickly, whatever takes gradual process last long. Choose your part wisely…..  — apostlespeaks



Thought of the day! #Aug11


Good morning world,  thank God it’s friday! I give all the glory to our Changeless, Ageless God for is faithfulness in our life. Always cultivate the habit of thankgiving everytime of your life.

Here is my wake up thought for today step up to the challenges, believe in yourself and do what it takes. Right now is a great time to start don’t delay again. This statement was send to me by a friend last week, but this morning it prompt in heart to share it with you. What makes people to remain stagnant in life is delay to step up to the challenges before them.  You must realise the more you delay the more the fear grows, the less you believe in yourself and the less you know what to do. The story that happen in 1st Samuel 17: 1-58 was a perfect example a common story that we all know – David and Goliath.

The key points i want to bring out of this story is that King Saul and the entire army of Isreal are stagnant because they delay to step up to the challenges ahead of them, and the more they delayed the more the fear of goliath grew in them the less they believe in themselves and the less they know what to do. But when David show up, he didn’t delay to face the challenge of goliath because of his understand that delay kills faith. He step up to the challenge of goliath and we knew what  happen afterwards he won the battle.

Do you now know when you delay, it kills your faith and you remain stagnant in life…. it is time to step up to the challenges of your life, face it with faith and then you see your victory. I see God help arise for you now, i see you outshine your challenges from today.

God bless you, do have a blissful day.

I remain your humble friend,