Thought of the day! #Aug8


Good morning world, welcome to another day the 8th day in August 2017 a gift of God to humanity. I am very grateful to God for the breath of life in me, all glory and honor be to the Lord. You too be grateful to God.

Here is my wake up thought the level of your achievement in life will be determine by the level of knowledge you have at your disposal. I remember someone said to me recently that the more you know about what you want to do the lesser finance you spend. This statement show us one major key to success the more knowledge we have in our disposal, the more we know what to do and the more success come to us. If you are still struggling in any area of life it is a sign your knowledge about that area of your life is not enough…. go for more knowledge. It is very essential to acquire ┬ámore knowledge, what are you waiting for it is time to acquire new knowledge today.

Knowledge is power, that power is what attract success to you.

God bless you, do have impactful day.

I remain your humble friend,