Thought of the day! #Aug7


Good morning world, how are you this morning? Hope you are doing great like me. All glory and adoration to our ageless mighty God for is faithfulness our us.

Here is my wake up thought this morning what isn’t tried won’t work. What do i means by this statement most people in life always want to play safe, They don’t want to dare the impossible but only the possible that is realistic whenever they encounter challenges beyond them, they put on the reverse gear immediately. They see impossible as an obstacle in place which says No way forward. They want to STAND IN WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE not STAND OUT. 

Here a short story of  a farmer who was asked by a wise man, if he had planted wheat for the season. The farmer replied No. the wise man asked why, the farmer said I was afraid it wouldn’t rain. The wise man asked again “did you plant maize instead? The farmer said, I was afraid that insects would eat the maize. Then the wise man asked what did you plant? The farmer said Nothing, I played it safe. hmm!  Everyone who tries to play safe always flow with the tread of life and achieve nothing if you desire to achieve something great trying must be in your dictionary beacause what isn’t tried won’t work.

God bless you, do have victory day.

I remain your humble friend,




Author: apostlespeaks

I am a creative director and a founder of apostlespeaks to help others to find strength in adversity and support others in attaining their highest possible vision for their own lives. A lover of God, a pastor at God's Power Evangelical Mission lagos branch, Nigeria. As a pastor teaching and practising biblical principles of God in other to fulfill God's origin purpose in life. Love to make impact and bring the best out of others.

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