Photo of the day!


Treat people on your part very well.

For the world to be better we need to love and value each others. You can’t survive alone, most people focus on themselves forgetting others, it is very wrong. Everyone is our connection to the next level, treat everyone in your part very well when the time come for something great they will introduce you to greatness.



Thought of the day! #Aug5


Hello world, how are you today? I wake up this morning with so much excitement do you know why because the love of God for me and you. All glory and adoration to the Ageless Mighty God.

Here is my thought for today everyone long to accomplish great and noble task but always neglect the small task at hand. I want you to know today until you make a chief duty to accomplish small task as if they great and hoble much will not be committed to you. I remember this parable of our Lord Jesus in the bible about three servants that were given talents to work upon in Matthew 25: 14-30. One servant was given 5talents another 2talents and the last servant 1talent. The reason why the servant with 1talent failed is because he saw 1talent as too small task for him to accomplished. He concluded it is going to be a waste of effort to do, that is what so many people are doing today. The small task is not a waste of effort do it with all your strength then great task will come to you. The other servant put all effort to their tasks an much more was committed to them. If you fail to do this the result you will get is the same thing the servant with 1talent that small task was taken away. May not that be your portion, it is time to change your perspective about the small task. Do whatever task at hand very well…

One thing is sure to whom small is giving much is expected and to whom much is giving greater is expected so do your best with the small or much at hand then more will be committed to you. I see your level changing for good in Jesus name. Amen

God bless you, do have a exciting weekend.

I remain your humble friend,