Photo of the day

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This is beautiful, isn’t it? Yes it is… this is architect drawing of an imagination of someone called ARCHITECTURE when it comes to reality the world will be amazing and appreciate it.
The question now is what is the architect drawing of your life? What is the imagination you want the world to see about you? As a man thinketh so is he… you have no time to waste again start drawing your imagination now and put all your effort to make it reality. May God help you. Amen



Thought of the day! #Aug4


Good morning world, Thank God it’s friday! Thank God it’s friday!! How was your week being? Hope it was good like mine. Let us give all honor back to our creator for is goodness upon us. Once again let says Thank You Jesus!!!.

Here is my wake up thought this morning don’t seek success, all you need is to make yourself a person of value. I know many people will be wondering what do i means by this statement let me explain until you make yourself valuable, people will never place value on you. And you know whatever people place value on they can pay anything to have. For instance look at gold when it was raw gold nobody place value on it but when it was refined to so many beautiful things people pay any amount to have it. Likewise refine your life in such a way people will pay any amout to watch you, any amount for your service, etc then success will come to you. Look at Usain Bolt make himself a person of value, he refine himself to be a runner not just a runner but the best runner and people pay alot of amount to watch him running. So refine yourself from on and be the best in whatever you choose you do.

What determine your success is the worth of value so invest to improve who you are as in knowledge, professionetc

God bless you, do have blissful I day.

I remain your humble friend,