I'm part of Post A Day 2017

Here is my thought on this monday:

In life most of the great people has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. The level of their persist make thing happen for them, so keep on trying until you too reach a good destination in life.


God bless you.



Monday inspiration


If it is going to be good, it is up to you. Life will only give you what you demand, not what you desreve…. You must have this understand anything that has worth in life never come free. Life doesn’t provide warranties and guarantee. It only provides possibilities and opportunities for everyone but those who dare to make best use of it get to the top and those who refuse to make use of it live in mediocrity… So how can i go about it in life.

Let go to the beginning of creation, we read that everything was created came from the word of confession that why someone said your confession determine your possessions. Your number 1 priority must be your confession what are you saying to your life on a daily routine, if it is ever going to be good it is up to you… you must imprint this in the tablet of your heart. Your word are creating force, create a better world for your life. The way the maker wired our life, we have the power to create our own world because we are created in the image of God. Whatever God can do we can do also… It is only animal that adapt to their environment so begins to speaks better to your life from now and act the way your confession is. It is well with you today and everyday of your life.


God bless you, do enjoy your day.