Good morning, waking up this morning my heart is full of joy, do know why?  I am still in God’s plan and you too. Be grateful to God this morning, better days is here.

My thoughts for today: the strength of a man is not in it’s possessions neither is it in its ability. The strength of a man is in the depth of the word of God he understands. So get acquainted with the word of God this 2nd half of the year and you will see amazing things you will achieve.

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God bless you and have a lovely weekend



Welcome to 2nd half

I'm part of Post A Day 2017


Finally the second half of the year is here. Welcome to July, which means that we have spent 6months already in the year 2017. There are 6 more months before we declare 2017 bye..bye.. You need to ask yourself how far have you gone with your dreams or something is holding your back.

The 2nd half  is here and i want to share this story with you to spices up you to achieve your dreams.

How far have you gone or Whats holding you back.
A man was spending his holiday in Africa. One day he watched the elephants passing by. To his great surprise these giant strong animals were being held only by a small rope, tied to their front leg. Obviously, they could easily run away any moment. However, they did not.

Then he saw a trainer and asked him, how could this happen that not a single elephant makes an attempt to break free. The trainer explained: “When the elephants are very young, we use the same size rope to tie them, and at that time it is enough to hold them. Gradually they grow up, get stronger, nevertheless they never try to get away, as they believe that the rope will still hold them. (Hmm! You need to unstalled the negative believe and install the positive believe in this second half.)

The man was stunned. These strong animals could break free any time, but they did not, because they believed that this is impossible. 

Sometimes people act like elephants, they give up after the first failure. Remember, that failures are part of learning. If you have failed in first half dont worry the second half will be better.. Success come when you never give up, keep up trying until you win and stay positive always…

I see God helping you through the journey of the second half and make it better in Jesus name. Amen