Monday Inspiration! !


Good morning world, welcome to another day that God has made for me and you, because you are still alive show you are still in His plan.


Monday Inspiration!!! My dad usually told me little things may be little but faithfulness in these little makes it great. This words tally with the scripture that says though your beginning may be little, your end shall be great…. but i want you to know your end can’t be great until you are faithful with the little in your hand. You need to put your faith in whatever you doing, don’t be like the man given one talent that despise it and was thrown out of comfort zone.

Be contempt with whatever your talent is, nurture it, sharp it and develop it to your fullest then the great will come to you.

I see you going higher in life and i pray for you whatever your talent is the good Lord shall multiple it into great ones in Jesus name. Amen 

You are blessed, do have a fruitful day

Remain yours apostlespeaks…