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Hebrew 11:1-2

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.(THE MSSG)


The scripture passege does it means something to you,atimes most people misinterprete the word faith, is fundamental fact of existence of challenges, problems,etc but our trust in God ability is the bedrock of victory which you unleash on the challenges and the victory makes life worth living. i.e
For instance the army of Isreal was try to ignore, avoid the challenges, problems a gaint goliath through at them and nothing happens, whenever you try to avoid problems or challenges, it makes you to standstill in life. For 40days and 40night nothing tangible happen until david show up. He recongnize the problems by asking the army how far, why everybody is looking terrible like this what is going on,when he fully understand the problem at hand he unleash is faith to tackle the problems and solution came.

Faith living is not ignoring the obvious.
When you recognize a problem situation does not means you are admitting doubt. You must admit something exists before you can confront it successfully

Lesson for today
Dont avoid problems understand the problem and tackle it with your faith in God then victory is yours….
God bless you



This story inspired me to write to you today, when life throws stone at you, don’t stop instead turn the stone into steps to get to your destination in life. She went completely deaf at age 18, she gave up in life thinking it is over for her i can’t hear again why me? Can i be useful to my world. Hmm!

After awhile she rediscover to do more with her life than just giving up, she choose not to give up on her dreams for a temporary setback by going into music and her first song is titled : TRY.

WHAT OF YOU? TRY…. even if you have failed so many times, it does not matter try again ( a child that was trying to walk will not stop because he failed the first time, he will keep on trying till he become perfect in walking). 595932f26cf22b946310c4964956ac84 For you to be alive God still have a better plan for your life, so it is not over yet until you wins.

God bless you and have a breakthrough week

I remain your humble friend apostlespeaks and i want to hear your testimony.